Schools with Vision

Every school has specific needs, so we tailor our services to each school. And since school budgets are getting increasingly tight, we understand that every penny needs to be well spent.

Primary teacher and student

We offer a variety of contracts:

  • Daily supply for last minute sickness or absence.
  • Ongoing, short or long-term supply such as extended absences or maternity leave.
  • Permanent staff for specific vacancies.

Easy transition from short to long term

If you’re interested in directly employing any of our cover staff beyond an initial two-term period we’ll reduce the introductory fee. That way, you get to keep a great teacher, the teacher gets to continue in permanent employment and the students will benefit from continuity. 

Always in touch

We’ll always let you know as far in advance as possible if we feel that circumstances like transport delays or other extenuating circumstances might create delays in a supply teacher’s arrival. 

International connections

We have strong connections with overseas teachers from countries like Australia, Canada, South Africa and the USA. With more career fair trips to Canada and Australia than ever before, we’ll be able to offer an even more comprehensive choice of overseas teachers for your school.

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