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At Vision, we listen carefully to what you need, and we match your skills with our schools’ requirements. This will give you the best opportunities. Because we fully understand that not every teacher suits every school and vice versa. 

With the right match, our teachers are motivated to work hard, and committed to creating the continuity and productive learning environment that’s so important for students. 

We’re proud of that commitment. And we always give a choice of schools in the areas we service.


We can introduce you to a school for direct employment, based on how closely you match each other’s needs. We set up the interview and if you’re successful, you’ll become a direct employee of the school and paid an annual salary.  

Long or short-term agency

You could have a mix of long and short-term assignments at one school, and you’ll be paid weekly. These positions are normally on an ongoing basis and could lead to a permanent role. 

Daily supply or substitute

You’ll work on a short-term basis at a variety of schools in their local area.  This is flexible, temporary work, with no required notice period.  

Guaranteed supply contracts

With Guaranteed Payment contracts, you’re guaranteed work five days a week, on a substitute basis. It means you have a secured income, even if you don’t work all five days. It particularly suits Overseas Trained Teachers and Newly Qualified Teachers who are just starting work in London. 

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