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Opportunities at Vision Teaching

At Vision Teaching, we believe that our role extends beyond placing candidates in jobs. We aim to provide ongoing support to early career teachers and support staff, as well as opportunities to develop leadership experience and showcase your skills for the benefit of the UK education system.

New Teacher Inductions

All international teachers brought to the UK by Vision Teaching are provided with an induction day with a UK Head Teacher and experienced teachers, introducing them to the curriculum and unique expectations of UK schools. It is a great way to prepare for the challenges ahead and begin building your professional network.

Teaching Resources

Click here for our selection of useful resources to help you survive and thrive when working in UK schools. From timesheets to teaching ideas, we've got your covered!

Finding a Mentor

We know the first couple of years in teaching is hard and many talented people leave the profession. That is why Vision Teaching employs former teachers and pastoral leaders, and coaches experienced teachers to become mentors for our newly qualified teachers.

Becoming a Mentor

If you are ready for additional responsibilities in your school, becoming a Vision Teaching Mentor is a great way to demonstrate your progress against teacher standards, gain valuable training and build your experience supporting colleagues.

Being the Expert

Vision Teaching is an outstanding recruitment agency, but we're not the experts when it comes to behaviour management, teaching methods, or even safeguarding. If you are, please contact us so that we can arrange a professional development session for our teaching staff.

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