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Positions at Vision Teaching

At Vision Teaching, we provide ongoing support to help our candidates deliver outstanding service for our partner schools. We are open to applications from newly qualified, experienced and international teachers. Education support roles, such as teaching assitants, higher level teaching assistants, cover supervisors and administrators are also available, with preference given to candidates able to demonstrate experience working with school aged children.

Roles to consider:

Daily supply

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the days you work and reduce your workload by avoiding planning. You will have the opportunity to work in a variety of contexts, or develop a relationship with local schools.

Guaranteed contracts

The flexibility of working on supply, combined with the financial security of guaranteed pay. We offer annual Guaranteed Placement Scheme 'GPS' contracts and short-term VT Pool bookings in peak periods.

Long-term and permanent roles

If you need support with your next career move, we can help. Our partner schools are always on the lookout for talented candidates willing to take on the challenges and responsibilities of an ongoing role.

International teachers

For over 10 years we have helped newly qualified & experienced international teachers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland to find work in London. Ask our team about Vision Housing throughout London.

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What we are looking for

Our partner schools have a wide variety of requirements, but the following characteristics are always highly valued. Candidates able to demonstrate these qualities at interview and during placements will have access to the full range of contract options at Vision Teaching.

Classroom management

Creating a learning climate that helps pupils to make progress and achieve their potential goes beyond basic behaviour management.


Whether you're a teacher or working in a support role, patience is critical to successfully engaging individuals and classes.

Subject knowledge

We look for candidates that know their subject and how to teach it. There is no substitute for genuine passion.


Teaching can be a tough role. There are always tough days, especially on supply. Getting back up is the mark of a great teacher.

Positive attitude

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for our success over the past 10 years has been the enthusiasm and positivity of our supply teachers.


Our partner schools highly value candidates who appreciate that sometimes things need to change and are willing to support leaders.

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