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Dustin Schuyler

"Vision Teaching found me a teaching placement back in 2009 when I was moving over from America. They again assisted me when I moved back to England in 2013. Without their help I am not sure moving to England would have been possible. I can’t thank them enough for finding me a great school to teach in and transitioning to live in a new country. I know I can count on them for help or just general advice. Thanks VT!"

Kristina Sarris

"Hands down, the BEST agency with the BEST employees!! Vision is SUPER helpful and supportive. I recommend them to everyone thinking about teaching in England! You will not regret going with Vision Teaching."

Mark Jameson

"Very good service. Consistently put me with local schools. They are my favourite agency."

Andrew McCallum

"If you want to know if you enjoy teaching, go to the UK and go with Vision Teaching. They take good care of you and work with great schools."

Gulsum Akkoc

"One of the best to work with; friendly staff, lots of work, and honest people."

Rhiannon Payne

"All the agents are extremely supportive, helpful and personable. If I ever moved back to England I would definitely go back to Vision Teaching for all and any work opportunities."

Lavinia Mohalland

"Excellent agency, The staff are very friendly and any one of them can help with queries. Daniel and his staff are wonderful and there Is plenty of work not just for teachers but classroom assistants too. Pay is always on time and you can get offered permanent work with the full support of the agency team. Great company if only I found them sooner. Thanks vision teaching.!!!"

Annette George

"I have nothing but praise for the way in which they handled my requests for work. Since registering with Vision other agencies don’t get a look-in. Staff are friendly and courteous and always willing to consider your specific work needs. They find me work when and where I want."

Sharon Thorn

"My consultant has always been supportive and tried to do his best for me. I have been in continuous work through them since November 2012 and have been very happy with their service and work ethic."

Tere Thompson

"Wonderful agency to work with, I would recommend them to anyone."

Martyn Steel

"In July 2013 I took early retirement as a Deputy Headteacher. As person in charge of supply needs I only engaged teachers from Vision Teaching because as a supremely professional outfit I could always trust the managers to send me the highest quality vetted and dedicated teachers. It made absolute sense to sign on with Vision Teaching when I took early retirement and wanted to supplement my teacher’s pension with supply work. I have found it a pleasure to be on the register of Vision Teaching and am very happy to be part of a highly professional team which has at its heart the best possible service for schools and their children."

Sean Procko

"Staff are fantastic. They are friendly, do not pressure you & always listen to your needs in an attempt to accurately match your teaching profile with a school. The school’s I’ve been to through Vision are great."

Kim Burnett

"Vision are a brilliant supply company to work for and I would recommend them to anyone. They are accommodating to all your needs and match you with ideal schools. I have never had one problem with Vision. They support and care about their teachers and it makes it a pleasure to work for them."

Mike O’Gorman

"The agency found me work very quickly and have been easy to work with and regularly make contact to check everything is going ok"

Erin Duemo

"Vision Teaching is absolutely the best agency to work for! After coming to London with another agency that worked hard with me before coming and providing no work once here, Vision saved me by giving me all the work I could handle and at a better rate of pay! It’s easy to think that what Vision offers is too good to be true, but they absolutely follow through on every one of their promises! I can honestly say I couldn’t ask for a more personable agency with people who genuinely care about every one of their teachers. I would not consider working for any other agency again. As a side note, all the extras are amazing too! Socials to meet friends, and assistance with all the settling in issues are a huge bonus that no other company offers."

Sarah Birch

"Fantastic agency, super staff and very professional."

Phoebe Rowbottom

"I’ve been with Vision since January and they are absolutely fantastic! They’re all very friendly and supportive, they find me work every day and they’ve supported me in every way they can, I will never work for another teaching agency! Thank you for everything Vision!"

Elli Patsouris

"I have been with vision teaching for over three years now and am very happy. Not only have I been given the opportunity to develop my skills as a teacher but they are reliable, supportive and treat me as an individual who matters and makes a difference. I Would always recommend vision over other agency. Thank you!"

Justin Dermody

"Very good. Professional and friendly. They put their teachers first!"

Tanya Cummings

"Vision Teaching is a great agency to work for. I relocated from Canada and they were there for me every step of the way. They even picked us up from the airport when we arrived. My boyfriend relocated with me as well and although he is not a teacher, Vision Teaching helped him get his NI number and printed off resumes for him. The staff are the best!"

Donna Neave

"I have worked for Vision for nearly 2 years, in this time I have had regular daily supply work and some term by term work. I find the agency very reliable, friendly and willing to assist at any time. I once had a problem with a school, the staff at the agency were very supportive and understanding. Great agency I have and will continue to recommend them to my friends."

Josette MacIsaac

"London is the most wonderful place to begin your teaching career. You will get a wide range of experiences that will assist you in teaching for the rest of your life. If you are looking to teach, have flexibility, get a support system and have the greatest year of your life, then Vision is the agency for you!!"

Julie Murphy

"I have found from my experience of working with Vision Teaching that they never fail to provide a friendly, supportive yet professional service. I was impressed with how they get their supply teachers 5 teaching days a week. The consultants are always approachable and know their teachers as individuals. Also the social event was so much fun and gives everyone an opportunity to get to know other teachers in the same boat!"

Brian Le

"I loved how helpful Vision Teaching work. They are a smaller company and I wouldn’t recommend going to a large one. It was so personal, they knew me and I knew them. The excitement of being in London is amazing and having such a good agency to work for made everything perfect."

Jessica Meehan

"I thoroughly enjoyed working for Vision Teaching, it is a great agency that I would recommend to any fellow teacher looking for work within London. They made my transition from Australia to London so much easier and for that I am extremely thankful."

Mike Hanley

"I was always treated very well by Vision Teaching, the staff were extremely welcoming and helpful. I have very fond memories of teaching in London and would love to return one day."

Leah Brophy

"Within a couple of hours of sending my initial email to Vision Teaching, I had received an email back answering all my questions and suggesting they call me to discuss further. After that first phone call I was sold! To be honest it seemed too good to be true, however everything Vision promise is followed through. They are an effective, organised, approachable and helpful bunch ensuring you get work, get to where you are meant to be and get paid on time all with some pleasant conversation and banter thrown in for good measure!"

Dayna Inkster

"Moving from Canada to England can seem daunting. But choosing to sign with Vision was the easiest decision. Their friendly and outgoing staff guide you every step of the way to provide a smooth transition. Not only do they help you with the logistics, where to live, how to bank; they provide in depth knowledge as to how the schools systems work and how the curriculum is set up. Having support in a new country is paramount and Vision provides that."

Brian Sinclair

"Vision Teaching provides teachers with teaching roles. They are always looking to find you work. There was only 1 day in the year I worked with Vision that they couldn't find me a place and that was the day before the Christmas Holiday."

Tyler Aglor

"Deciding to leave Canada and take a teaching job with Vision was the best decision I ever made! I came with 3 friends all who worked for Vision, we got to teach everyday on the GPS contract and travel around Europe during the holidays. I saw more places in one year than I could ever have imagined. The whole experience made it the best year of my life!"

Allan Ford

"Vision Teaching gave me the opportunity to teach in an amazing city and I wouldn't be here without them. The staff helped me every step of the way and took most of the stress out of such a big move. They are very kind people who provide a caring, supportive interest in your progress. I highly recommend Vision Teaching!"

Alex Mazzella

"I had never taught abroad before and was scared to take a step into the unknown, but when I applied to work for Vision, they made me feel comfortable and helped me with anything of which I was unsure. They've given me the opportunity to realize a dream I didn't think I'd ever get to experience, and they have supported me all the way through with any issues or concerns. They are a loyal and honest team who looks after their teachers. If you're looking to join the best agency there is, you've found it."

Hilary Chaiton

"I would highly recommend this company to anyone who was even thinking about teaching in the UK. They are the most competent, friendly, and professional group of people in the field."

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