Rewarding career paths

For teaching graduates we offer the security of a guaranteed contract before you complete your course, combined with the flexibility to find your ideal school and role. Alternatively, if you've finished your degree and you're now considering a career in teaching, you could follow a train to teach pathway in one of our partner schools.

A genuine consultancy

We understand that early in their career graduates need advice, support and guidance. We're not just here to make placements, we want to improve education in London. That means supporting early career teachers, sourcing talent for our schools and developing long-term partnerships.

Ongoing support

A dedicated induction for graduates, access to Vision Housing if you're relocating to London, great social events and ongoing professional support are what makes our service for early career teachers in London top-class.

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Our simple process

If you're starting your career in education, you'll benefit from specialist advice. With 10 years' experience, we know what you need and when you'll need it.

Ask your questions

Our graduate team comprises former teachers and recruitment experts with experience helping teachers moving to London from universities throughout the UK and around the world. You can ask them for advice on contracts, your choice of schools and even Vision Housing if you're moving to London.

Ace your interview

We’ll provide all the support and guidance you need to be ready for your final interview with one of our Education Consultants. This experience helps us to prepare you for school interviews, identify your strengths and the areas where you may need further professional development.

Accept your contract

Our Guaranteed Payment Scheme (GPS) contracts are designed for graduating teachers and highly sought after. 'GPS Supply' is the perfect way to broaden your experience and find the right school. 'GPS Long-term' means we help you secure a teaching job, normally before you graduate.

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Take the first step

Whether you want to develop your teaching skills, enjoy life in London or travel throughout Europe, teaching here can be a great experience. Inevitably there will be tough times too and sometimes even the best young teachers need support. Contact our Graduate Team today to make sure we're working for you.