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        If you are thinking of looking for a new teaching role in September, you may be thinking of handing your notice in now before the end of May deadline. Typically, teachers are expected to provide three months’ notice if they intend to leave at the end of the summer term.

        Most publicly funded schools in England follow the provisions set out in the Burgundy Book – Conditions of Service for Teachers in England and Wales, which specifies the notice periods required for teachers in local authority maintained schools.

        This means there are three key dates you would be expected to give your resignation if you wish to leave your teaching job. They are:

        • To leave on 31st December, give notice by no later than 31st October
        • To leave on 30th April, give notice no later than 28th February
        • To leave on 31st August, give notice no later than 31st May

        With this said, your contract of employment will include details on the amount of notice you are expected to give when leaving your post. So it is worth checking your contract carefully, but as a rule to leave at the end of the summer term, you should resign by the end of May.

        What to include in your resignation letter

        Whether a printed letter or email, it is common practice to submit your notice in writing. While email is legally sufficient, it is better to write a letter as it is more formal and professional. We also recommend keeping a copy of the letter to avoid any discrepancies that may crop up regarding when you notified your employer you wish to resign.

        Crucial elements to include in your resignation letter include:

        • Your final date of employment along with when your notice will take effect
        • Your final date of attendance as your notice period may include school holidays
        • Confirmation of the date you handed your notice in
        • Thank the school for the support and opportunity they have given you
        • You may want to give details of the reason you are resigning
        • It is good practice to say what post you will be going to and to wish the headteacher and school all the best for the future

        Who to address your resignation letter to

        Unless otherwise stipulated in your contract of employment, your resignation letter should be addressed to your headteacher or principal. However, for headteachers and principles resignation letters should be addressed to the chair of governors or to the person stated in your contract.

        What are the rules for independent schools and academies and free schools?

        While some independent schools, academies and free schools may not adhere to the Burgundy Book, the vast majority do. If however they do not, check your contract for guidance on notice periods and the person who should receive your resignation letter to ensure you are not in breach of contract.

        Looking to take the next step in your teaching journey?

        If you are looking for your next challenge, join the Vision Teaching community to help you find your next rewarding role. As specialists in all aspects of school recruitment, we help every borough in London attract and retain high-quality teaching, support, and administrative staff. We have a wide range of opportunities across London in both primary and secondary education settings.

        Browse our teaching jobs and find your next role: https://visionteaching.co.uk/job-search/

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