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        Substance Abuse Policy


        We wish to ensure your welfare, the welfare of others around you and to safeguard’s Vision Teaching’s and the school you work for reputation. We consider alcoholism and drug dependency as illnesses which, except where absolutely necessary, should be treated medically rather than within the disciplinary procedures.

        This policy applies to all employees, and temporary staff at Vision Teaching

        The definition of ‘substance’ includes the following:

        • Alcohol;
        • Illicit, prescription or over-the-counter drugs;
        • Any other substance which may impair an employee’s performance or conduct at work

        The policy aims to encourage those employees with an alcohol or drugs problem to seek appropriate help as early as possible.

        Alcohol and Drugs

        The policy aims to:

        • Ensure that you are aware of the risks associated with the abuse of alcohol and drugs;
        • Help managers to identify a drinking or drugs problem at an early stage;
        • Ensure that other employees are not put at risk or adversely affected by an employee’s alcohol consumption or drug use;
        • Ensure that Vision Teaching’s / school efficiency and reputation is not undermined by an employee’s alcohol or drug-influenced behaviour.

        If you drink off-duty, it should be to an extent that it does not impair work performance or conduct. Any member of staff whose work performance or conduct is adversely affected by alcohol consumption or drugs may be subject to action under our disciplinary procedures.

        Helping Employees

        We encourage you to seek help if you have an alcohol or drugs-related problem. There are often signs that might suggest that someone has a problem. These include a decline in work performance; a poor attendance record; unreliability; unexplained injuries; and changes in behaviour such as irritability and lack of concentration.   Should you have a problem you will be encouraged to seek help.

        Disciplinary Action

        Although Vision Teaching’s intention is to help employees with substance abuse problems, we will take disciplinary action, including dismissal, for the following serious offences:

        • Possessing, using or selling illicit drugs on Vision Teaching’s / school premises and also at any other event when representing the school or company
        • Working under the influence of alcohol such as to impair performance or conduct; drinking alcohol on Vision Teaching’s / school premises other than when authorised by management;
        • Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other prescribed substances which impair performance or conduct whilst at work (including attending any event at Vision Teaching’s / school premises or elsewhere).

        Should you have any questions or queries about our substance abuse policy please contact Vision Teaching on 0207 430 7120 or email community@visionteaching.co.uk